For two days last week we had a French (Canadian) occupation of the studio. A film production crew came down from Montreal to film us building the diorama for Chinese Take Out for the series, “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel. They filmed us in the various stages of construction, from basic cutting of foam to taking the photograph with Lori’s 8x10 camera. Lots of repetition of tasks from different angles and close-ups. Four gentlemen made up the crew -Pierre, Luc, Pierre-Luc, and Pascale- and they were great! Very funny and highly skilled, I think they really enjoyed filming the models. A welcome break from large warehouses and big machines perhaps. We filmed in the studio most of the time, but also on the sidewalk in our Brooklyn neighborhood, near the local Chinese restaurant that inspired the scene. For two people who don’t really enjoy being photographed, filming out in the ‘hood was not much fun. Lots of lookie-loo’s! They finished up the filming by shooting the finished photograph on exhibit in the gallery.

Lori in deep discussion with film crew.




Kathleen shows them how it's done.


Pierre, Pierre-Luc and Luc on the mean streets of Brooklyn.


Luc films the photographs in Lori's show at ClampArt.



A rose between two thorns- Kathleen, Pierre, Lori.


Just because we can... took some footage of the still assembled Living Room diorama.

Big thanks to our new friends for all their hard work. We’ll post when the episode is ready to air next spring.

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