It’s been a long summer, and now that we are easing into fall, and things are almost slowing down, I can share what’s been going on in the studio. Summer is always a very busy time for us, something to do with the extra hours of sunlight help to make it very productive for us. It is so much easier to stay up late working in July than in the dead of winter when it gets dark so early in the day. We knew Lori was having a show this fall with her New York gallery, ClampArt. The last show there was in November and we were expecting a similar timeline for this one. Big surprise, it was bumped up a month! While that doesn’t seem like much, in terms of building time in the studio it is huge. Seemingly simple things take days to make, so losing a month made us very nervous. But, we are happy to report that we will make the deadline, with hours, if not days to spare. And we just found out that her gallery took out an ad for the show in ArtForum - very exciting! Check it out for yourself.

We’ll post an official announcement for the show once we get it from the gallery. Mark your calendars - October 17, ClampArt, Chelsea - New York, 6-8pm, be there!!