WHIT is a New York based clothing company run by a husband and wife team, Whitney and Parker. They are relatively new to the business, but really go out of their way to have a different approach to their work and how it is represented. For years they have worked with artists to create original content for their website. Last year they approached us to collaborate on a new idea for their Spring 2014 collection  online. A trip to Bali had inspired the clothes for that season and they wanted to carry that theme over into the site.

A series of interchangeable monochromatic backgrounds and set pieces based on their trip was the result. They provided imagery and designs and Kathleen executed them in heavy watercolor paper. It was very challenging, but over all a big hit!  Parker composited in images of models over the set pieces for the final look. The articulating dragon was the most difficult, but also the most satisfying element. Click here to see the final project.