Lyme Life

We created two sets for the movie Lyme Life. Both were illustrations of a type of suburb known as a Levittown (an early suburb model with small cookie-cutter style houses). They needed a table top sized model for use as a prop in the movie and a larger set they could film different ways to use in the credits and as transition devices between scenes in the movie. This meant we had to create sets at different scales.

They provided a list of building elements they needed in the model to be used as a prop: a school, a community swimming pool with surrounding fence, telephone poles, etc. They would all reference points in the movie. One of the characters was a realtor and he had this model of the neighborhood in his office.

For the larger model, we expanded on a street shown in the model. Houses lined both sides of the street. These were much more detailed and they wanted small figures engaged in various social situations: neighbors chatting over a fence and at a backyard bar-b-cue, a couple chatting on steps, a man hanging Christmas lights, a child waiting for the bus. This model was built so one half of the street could pull away so they could pan a camera along the houses.