The Sea Is Blue

We few years ago were approached by our good friend Vincent Peone, who we worked with on previous projects (The Story of Sushi and Coppers), to make sets and props for his original short film The Sea is Blue. It was to be stop motion animation, which was a new thing for everyone involved, but we knew we wanted to be a part of it. Armed with a script and storyboards we worked with Vincent to make a prop list. As they figured out the size and design of the main characters, Wolfie and Bean, we established a scale for the boat and props. The goal stylistically was to treat everything in a realistic fashion, to create a believable and recognizable world for the characters. I often think we are blessed to approach our models from the background of fine art. Not knowing what is industry standard or how it is conventionally done, we draw our information and techniques from many different sources which gives our work a unique edge. Sets and props led to making the underwater puppets. It was a fascinating and fun challenge learning this new skill. 

Writer + Director: Vincent Peone

Executive Producers: Josh Ruben + Vincent Peone

Executive Producer: Mike Healey

Animation Director: Mike Healey

Director of Photography: José Andrés Cardona

Production Design: Kathleen Gerber + Lori Nix

Original Score: Ramona Córdova