The Story of Sushi

"The Story of Sushi" was our first opportunity building sets for a video. The project was to create an advertisement/informational video about sustainable sushi. The client was a Portland, Oregon chef, Kristofer Lofgren of Bamboo Sushi, the U.S.’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant. The goal was to tell the story of traditional commercial fishing and how this restaurant was doing things differently. 

Over the course of three months Kathleen and I designed and built eight sets, each illustrating a step along the sushi path – from the fishing boat all the way to the restaurant table. 

The sets ranged in size from about 2x2 feet up to 10 x 10 feet, so we were forced to work at different scales, but still maintain continuity.

Several of the models had interchangeable pieces so the scene could change quickly from one to the next. The video was filmed in our studio with Kathleen and I assisting with the models. In addition to the sets, we provided storyboards and sketches during the planning stage. One of the sets was also sent to the client’s restaurant, Bamboo Sushi, for permanent installation.

The completed video was shown on the Bamboo Sushi website and on Vimeo. 

Scroll down to watch the video.



Art Director/Set Design: Nix + Gerber Studio

Executive Director: Joe Sabia

Director: Vincent Peone

Score: Michael Thurber

Sound Design: Matt McCorkle

Assistant Camera: Andrew Brinkman

Gaffer: Cory Fontana

Narrator: Jim Donaldson