Persil  "Dirt Is Good" Campaign

We were contacted by DLK London to create three miniature classrooms for a print ad for the laundry detergent Persil. Their “Dirt is good” campaign takes place in a series of imaginary classrooms, where to a child, everything is a teacher. Mr. Frog happens to teach biology, Mrs. Cricket interacts the students in music class, and Mr. Snail inspires the children with art lessons. 

After Kathleen and I finished building the sets, they were taken outside to be shot by photographer Justin Walker, which was trickier than it sounds. Winter was still holding on and it took Justin some diligent searching to find some spring-like terrain to provide the right background for the models. The “teachers” were added digitally by the agency. 


Set Designer / Fabricator: Nix + Gerber Studio

Photographer: Justin Walker

Creative Agency: DLK London

Producer: Gary Wallis