Oreo Laboratorium

The ad agency, 360i, contacted us about designing and building a miniature mad scientist laboratory for use in a Halloween campaign by Oreo. The project was to shoot five stop-motion vine videos that would be released, one a day, the week of Halloween on the various social media platforms used by Oreo-- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The basic premise was that in the Oreo Laboratorium, Oreo cookies were being combined with other candies to create new creatures called Nomsters.

The videos would show the origins of each Nomster. In addition to the large set (approx 64"long x 24"deep x 30"high), we provided the miniature props that outfitted the set and interacted with the Nomsters. It was a tight building schedule, and we delivered the completed set and props in a week and a half. 

You can see the videos here, on Creative Director Aaron Mosher's site: http://www.amosher.com/oreo-laboratorium-1/


Set Design: Lori Nix, Kathleen Gerber, Nix & Gerber Studio

Client: Oreo

Art Director: Kelsie Kaufman

Executive Producer: Phil Pessaro

Producer: Ethan Brooks

Production Company: Dream Machine Creative

Director: Andrew Wonder, Lainey Dubinsky

Producer: Alon Simcha

Executive Producer: Dylan Steinberg

Director of Photography: Fletcher Wolfe

Character Fabrication: Dan Castelli, Castelli Models