Little Winter

Little Winter is the brain child of Seattle based multi-media creative agency, Yonder. They approached us about creating six miniature winter landscapes that they could in essence use as a blank canvas for their digital film installation. We constructed six distinct landscapes designed for use in a vertical format: an ice fishing pond, a ski mountain, a skating pond, a series of hot springs, and a section woods with cut-away burrows beneath the snow. Each was carefully measured and scaled so when displayed large-scale it would be in the correct proportions. Yonder added small figures and animals, many that were later digitally animated. Environmental special effects and an original music score were also added. The completed project was installed at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, centered on the hotel’s sophisticated video display system, built into the central columns in the lobby. It also spans hundreds of other digital displays across the resort including elevators and outdoor marquee.

Please watch the “Making of Little Winter” to see the full scope of the project:

Client: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Concept, Design and Direction: Yonder

Scenic Builds: Nix + Gerber Studio

Animation and Effects: Ntropic, Simon Mowbray, Creative Director

Original Music Score: Jesse Solomon Clark

Executive Producer: Jennifer Shaw