We had the pleasure of working with the ad agency 360i again, bringing together the same team that created the Oreo Laboratoreum, to make something completely different. For this three part video series  Kahlúa and Iced Coffee meet up for some adult themed sexy mixing and shaking. We were asked to design and build three sets, a Living Room, a Pool and an Airplane. The sets were scaled to the 750ml bottle of liqueur. The overall approach was to be a little bit 1980’s, a smidge modern, and overall timeless in style and decor. Challenge accepted!

It was a lot of fun tricking out the details for each scene. Props of note are the pizza with gooey cheese (and greasy box), the working turntable, the racy magazine and lawn chair, drink cart, custom signage that lights up, and itty bitty bags of peanuts. 

Set Designer / Fabricator: Nix + Gerber Studio

Directors: Andrew Wonder and Lainey Dubinsky

Director of Photography: Fletcher Wolfe

Producer: Alon Simcha

Character Fabrication / Puppeteer: David Michael Friend

Creative Agency: 360i

Editor: John Christon, Dream Machine