The sets we created for Greenpeace were something new for us. We were contacted by the directors, Josh Ruben and Vincent Peone, who needed four very different sets that they could integrate with a live actor, via green screen technology. This was an idea that had intrigued us for a long time so we were eager to get involved. We were hired by the production company, Big Block Live, who was hired by the advertising agency, Via, who was hired by the client, Greenpeace. 

The ad agency provided some reference images and ideas were discussed on a conference call. Kathleen sent them sketches based on the discussions, and we got into production. They needed four distinct scenes-alpine mountains/farm, desert, a New Zealand style jungle and a swampy bayou.

Each scene required a few specific elements to fit their overall approach. Beyond that, we we were able to design them as we saw fit. We had a month to complete the models. They were constructed so they could be disassembled and reassembled easily, and transported to the shooting studio.

The scale of the sets varied, but all needed to have a distinct foreground area for the actor to be placed. Other considerations were each set having a distinct color palette and a corresponding background image. The backgrounds were our own photographs, made into large digital prints. 

The completed videos were shown on the Greenpeace website as part of their #Click Clean campaign.


Production Designer: Nix + Gerber Studio

Creative Agency: The Via Agency

Creative Directors: Vince Peone, Josh Ruben

Head of Production: Corwin Carroll

Director of Photography: Vince Peone

Executive Producer: Mary Cross

Producer: Anthony McDermond

Art Director: Mike Campbell

Agency Executive Producer: Mary Hanifin

Gaffer: Zach Poots

Prop Master: Mike Chesbro