I saw online that yesterday was " Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day". This intrigued me because I love pinhole pictures! I did some research and learned that this is an international event designed to celebrate the art of pinhole photography---www.pinholeday.com . Cool! What I love about this type of photography is that they are one of a kind, usually a bit wonky, and (at least from my own experience) you never know what you will get until you develop the image. Froggy friend from Botanic Garden.


Lori sent away for a small pinhole camera a few years ago on a whim. It's small, about the size of your fist, and can be used with a tripod or just set on the ground. We've taken it on trips and done our share of not-so-great landscapes and still lifes, but the most fun we've had with it is photographing our dioramas.

After Lori takes the final 8x10 image, I set up for pinhole pics. I keep the model set up the same, but I will move the lights a bit as necessary. The thing I like most is that I can put the camera inside the scene and get a totally different viewpoint from that of the 8x10 pic. Given the scale of the models and the size of the camera, you often feel like you are standing inside the scene.

Washers and mural from Laundromat -day.


Up close with critter from Laundromat -night.

Unfortunately we've only scanned a few of the pinhole images we've taken over the years. We don't do them for any other purpose but to entertain ourselves. I hope to find the time to make my own pinhole camera(s) one day. Until I do, here are a few from the archives.

Detail from Fountain.

Signage from Church.

Map Room

Work table in the violin shop.

Looking up the giant tree coming through the floor of the library.

Space suite made of polymer clay.

Raccoon critter in a box.

What's a card catalog?

Big W, Mission accomplished. The mall is secure.


Wash and set.


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